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What are aphthous ulcers?

Aphthous ulcers are one of the most common diseases of oral mucosa. Ulcers are round or oval sores on the oral mucosa, they are shallow, surrounded with a red border and covered with yellowish coating of dead tissue. They can be very painful.  You can predicts aphthous ulcer will develop in a day or two, when itching pain starts.  Oral mucous is slightly swollen and red on the site where ulcer will occur. Read more


What are the signs of biting into oral mucosa?

Many people are faced with frequent biting of lips, cheeks or tongue. You may feel pain and see some bleeding from the wound. The next few days you have to be careful when chewing, because a slight swelling can occur, which can cause that you will bite yourself repeatedly once again in the same area. It is best to rinse the mouth with warm salt water. Read more


What problems can occur after insertion of a new denture?

  1. Impaired speech. You are not used to the new denture or is too thick.
  2. Sounds when biting. You are not used to the new denture or is too not well adapted to mucosa.
  3. Irritated oral mucosa. Denture is too loose and you may need  to re-line it.
  4. Oral ulcers. If denture is causing wounds on oral mucosa, it will be necessary to reshape it on some parts.
  5. Gag reflex. Denture may reach too far back.
  6. Read more


Is mouthwash enough?

Using mouthwash is complementary care and does not replace brushing. Mouthwashes are effective only on the principle of a chemical cleaning of the oral cavity, which is not sufficient. Toothbrushing and flossing is necessary for healthy oral cavity, because only mechanical way of removing dental plaque is enough sufficient.
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