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Do you chew ice cubes?

Some people chew ice cubes from their drinks. Such habit seems harmless, because ice is just a solid form of water, but unfortunately it’s not so simple. Do you simply love crushing and cracking feeling of ice between your teeth and you are chewing ice just for fun, when it unwaveringly became a habit? In such case it is better to chew apples or carrots, which less harmful to the teeth. If you are still unable to resist ice cubes, it is better to lick them, than chew. Try to eliminate this habit, because it is not doing any good for your teeth on a long run. Read more


What are sports mouth guards?

When doing sport you can damage oral mucosa, teeth and gums. To protect them against trauma, protective mouth guard can be made. Dentist take an impression of the teeth and dental technician then produces a mouth guard, that is made for each individual.

Sometimes even athletes do not know that the sport in which they are involved require this kind of protection. Some teens simply do not like their appearance and do not want to be the only ones who wear it. Others say that mouth guard is uncomfortable to wear or they have problems with speaking and breathing. Despite these difficulties, it is important that the sport mouth guards are regularly used.

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Can pool water stain your teeth?

The optimum pH of the pool water is between 7.2 to 7.6 (nautral pH). Substances can be dissolved in the acidic environment and they become solid again in alkaline environment. In the pool water calcium and other minerals rather strengthen enamel, than dissolve it. High pH of pool water in combination with antimicrobial substances can form hard yellow or brown coating mainly on front teeth. This often occurs in professional swimmers who train in the pool for several hours per week. Such coverings can be removed by a dentist. Their formation can be repeated, so regular dental visits are recommended. Read more