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Who can use power toothbrush?

Power toothbrush can remove more plaque than ordinary toothbrush, especially if you are using your manual toothbrush sloppy. The fact is that the power toothbrush is better for those who are less motivated in performing good oral hygiene, because power toothbrushes do most of the work by themselves. Manual toothbrush is guided with hands, so you need to perform different movements in order to achieve proper cleaning effect, while power toothbrush can only be guided on surface of the teeth. Smaller toothbrush head will reach all tooth surfaces easier. With the manual toothbrush you can still properly and adequately perform oral hygiene, it only takes more time and effort. Read more


Is it really necessary to use interdental brushes?

With normal toothbrush you can clean well only some areas of the tooth, but if you want to remove dental plaque also from interdental spaces, you can do it only with help of interdental brushes or dental floss. Interdental brushes are designed to optimally fill in the interdental space and mechanically remove dental plaque. Interdental spaces are sometimes kidney-shaped so only interdental brushes can reach those areas, even dental floss can’t. Read more


How to brush your teeth?

Teeth need to be cleaned systematically in same order every day. In this way, you won’t forget to clean any tooth. It is important that you carefully remove dental plaque from all tooth surfaces, especially pay attention to chewing surfaces and surfaces near the gum line. Read more


How to care for a toothbrush?

The oral cavity has a lot of different oral bacteria. Some of these bacteria can be transferred on to a toothbrush. It is also possible that the bacteria from the environment, in which toothbrush is stored, are transferred to the bristles. Some bacteria can stuck even on a new toothbrush as they are not sold in a sterile packaging. Read more


Do you think, your teeth are clean, if you do not see anything on them?

Many people believe teeth are clean, if they do not see anything on them. But this is not so simple. Millions of bacteria are found on the surfaces of the teeth in a form of dental plaque, that is invisible to our eye. Visual becomes after a few days of bad oral hygiene, because the plaque thickness with time. Read more