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What is tooth decay?

Tooth decay (caries) is the unfortunate result of poor oral hygiene. Between teeth are accumulating food and bacteria day after day. If these spaces are not cleaned well every night, teeth start to demineralise and this is what we start to call caries. Caries is a highly prevalent infectious disease of the oral cavity. It can start on visible tooth surfaces, which is obvious to a patient, but if it starts between teeth, which is unfortunately in most cases, it can pass quite a long time, before patient can see it. When it becomes visible, it means it is now deeper and more dangerous for the health of the tooth. Tooth decay between teeth can be in the beginning asymptomatic, which may represent a late reacting to the hidden problem. However, sometimes that kind of teeth can be sensitive to external stimuli, such as temperature change or by ingestion of sweet and sour food. Read more


Why are regular dental check ups important?

For a healthy oral cavity regular dental examinations are irreplaceable. The dentist usually examines your teeth, gums and oral mucosa. Only in this way we can detect early signs of periodontal disease and initial tooth decay. Dentist can show you how to clean your teeth and how often you will need to have dental checks ups, which can sometimes vary depending on individuals and their oral health.

How often should I visit the dentist?

The regular dental check-up is generally recommended to do two times in a year. If oral health is good, then for at least one time in a year. Your dentist will make an appropriate schedule for each individual patient. Read more