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What is geographic tongue?

Geographic tongue is quite common benign condition that primarily affects tongue and rarely other oral mucous membranes (lips, cheeks, palate, gums). There may be more red lesions on the tongue, which are well delimited and surrounded by a slightly raised white border. Some of the lesions can also shed. They persist in one place for some time and then completely disappear and appear elsewhere. They can be present for weeks, months or years. There is no pain present. Together with geographic lesion there can also be fissures (fissured tongue). This condition can occur at any age, more commonly in women. It may also be linked with a skin disease psoriasis. No treatment is necessary. Read more


What are the signs of biting into oral mucosa?

Many people are faced with frequent biting of lips, cheeks or tongue. You may feel pain and see some bleeding from the wound. The next few days you have to be careful when chewing, because a slight swelling can occur, which can cause that you will bite yourself repeatedly once again in the same area. It is best to rinse the mouth with warm salt water. Read more


What is fissured tongue?

Fissures are so-called furrows on the surface of the tongue. They appear at top and sides of tongue and do not spread to other mucous membranes. They may be differently deep, some even up to 6 millimeters. They can merge with each other, so they form a small lobules on the tongue. Read more