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Can smoking harm oral health?

Cigarette smoke contains toxic and carcinogenic substances that are harmful to smokers and passive smokers. There is no safe tobacco use and not safe boundaries for its use. A larger number of cigarettes smoked, the greater the risk of adverse effects on health. Smoking has also many negative effects on oral health, some of which are listed bellow. Read more


Do you chew ice cubes?

Some people chew ice cubes from their drinks. Such habit seems harmless, because ice is just a solid form of water, but unfortunately it’s not so simple. Do you simply love crushing and cracking feeling of ice between your teeth and you are chewing ice just for fun, when it unwaveringly became a habit? In such case it is better to chew apples or carrots, which less harmful to the teeth. If you are still unable to resist ice cubes, it is better to lick them, than chew. Try to eliminate this habit, because it is not doing any good for your teeth on a long run. Read more


What are benefits of chewing gum?

Studies have shown that chewing sugar-free gum for 20 minutes after a meal helps in preventing tooth decay. Chewing accelerates the secretion of saliva. Saliva is source of minerals, which help to strengthen teeth by promoting mineralization of tooth enamel. It also washes away food residues and neutralizes acids produced by oral bacteria. In other words, chewing gum increases the oral pH from acidic to a more alkaline, and in this way contributes to the health of the teeth. Moreover, facial muscles are active during chewing, which helps to strengthen muscle tone. This can result in better facial appearance and smile.
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