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Where can fluoride be found?

Fluoride can be found as an active ingredient in many dental products, such as toothpaste, mouthwashes, gels, and varnishes. Routinely use of small amounts of fluoride prevents the risk of caries. Fluoride reduces the loss of minerals from tooths enamel and accelerates remineralization, which means that the parts of the tooth, which are softened consolidate and thereby caries is less likely to develop. Fluoride also affects the bacteria that can cause tooth decay. The effect of fluoride is increased while having a healthy diet and good oral hygiene. Using fluoride is safe and effective and therefore, according to the professional doctrine, also recommended. Read more


Is mouthwash enough?

Using mouthwash is complementary care and does not replace brushing. Mouthwashes are effective only on the principle of a chemical cleaning of the oral cavity, which is not sufficient. Toothbrushing and flossing is necessary for healthy oral cavity, because only mechanical way of removing dental plaque is enough sufficient.
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Why do we use interdental fluoride gel?

Interdental gel protects your teeth and fights the formation of tooth decay, since it contains fluoride. It has no abrasive particles. Gel is thick and does not leak, therefore it is easy to apply.

How do we use it?

It can be applied in the interdental spaces and on the chewing surfaces of back teeth with an interdental brush or single toothbrush. You can pour the gel into the cover of the packaging, where you can dip a brush. Apply gel on clean back teeth, because there is the most risky area for development of caries. Do not rinse it with water after use. One application per day before sleep is often enough. Read more


Is toothpaste a must?

Toothpaste is actually just an addition to a toothbrush. Teeth can be clean even, if we use just a toothbrush and water. On toothpaste packages we can read about anticariogenic and whitening actions, tartar control, fresh breath, etc. But is it true?

Basic toothpaste function is, that it helps to clean your teeth with a help of a small abrasive particles, which remove dental plaque from the surfaces of teeth. The fluoride helps to strengthen the tooth enamel and menthol can help to fight against bad breath. Those are basically all the benefits that toothpaste has. Therefore, toothpaste is not a must, but we are so accustomed to it, we basically can not imagine oral hygiene without it anymore.

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