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Why to use a stiffened-end dental floss?

People with implants, fixed prosthetics (bridges, crowns) or orthodontic braces should use a special floss with thickened cleaning sponge and stiffened end (eg. Superfloss, …). Dental floss is pushed under the bridge at one side with a stiff end and pulled along the bridge along the entire gum line. The area under the bridge should be thoroughly cleaned, as this is where dental plaque and food most accumulate. With classical dental floss and toothbrush this area can not be cleaned properly.
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Why is dental floss important?

Did dentist recommend you that you have to floss your teeth every day? It sounds easy enough, right? Everything is fine until you get to the store and find yourself staring at dozens of different types of dental flosses. Before you close your eyes and randomly choose one, read which one is really right for you. Understanding why flossing is essential for the health of your teeth can be helpful in motivating yourself. No matter how carefully we brush, we can find forming cavity, because of the narrow spaces between our teeth, that are difficult or impossible to reach only with bristles of a toothbrush. Read more