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Is sparkling mineral water harming your teeth?

Carbonated mineral water contains carbon dioxide and some also variety of flavoring agents and colors. Unlike some other carbonated beverages (Coca Cola, etc.). Sparkling water still has acidic pH due to carbonation, which occurs when adding carbon dioxide into pure water. In some studies has been measured a pH between 3 and 4, which is near the acidity of an orange juice. The addition of gaseous carbon dioxide into the pure water initiates the formation of carbonic acid, which lowers the pH of the drink. Carbon dioxide is the source of bubbles in a sparkling drink. These drinks can have an adverse effect on teeth and can cause erosion of enamel, if it is consumed several times a day. Flavored sparkling water can have even bigger erosive effect on teeth than orange juice, which is considered very erosive. Read more


Can you maintain healthy teeth and eat everything?

We can eat practically anything. All that counts is good oral hygiene before bedtime. After eating it is good that you rinse your mouth with water, because in most cases during the day, we can not carry out complete oral hygiene after a meal. Scrubbing and cleaning the interdental spaces is recommended at least twice a day, that is in the morning and in evening. Certain foods are more cariogenic and harmful for your teeth than other. It is important to stick with a basic dietary principles, which is a balanced diet that is actually already well known. If we eat balanced and maintain good oral hygiene we can live a healthy life. Read more