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What is gum disease?

Severe inflammation of the gums is called periodontal disease. Gums begin to recess from the teeth, which become optically elongated. Gum pockets that are present around the teeth are filled with bacterial plaque that is the main cause for disease. Advanced periodontal disease treat specialists called periodontists. Without treatment the infection progresses through time. Bone, which supports the teeth and holds them in place, is slowly dissolving and teeth start to wobble and finally fall out. Read more


What is oral candidiasis?

Most people have in mouth fungus called Candida albicans. It is present as part of the normal oral flora and and as well as some other fungi, such as Candida tropicalis, glabrata, krusei and parapsilosis. Oral candidiasis is the opportunistic infection. This means, that it develops, if oral environment changes into one, that is even more perspective for thriving of such kind of fungi.
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Did you ever wonder, what contains our saliva?

The saliva is mainly composed of water. Remaining components are also the electrolytes and organic substances.

Why is saliva important?

Digestion Digestion of food starts in the mouth. Saliva contains the enzyme amylase, which has the capability of degradation of carbohydrates. Saliva also contains mucus, which makes it easier to swallow food. Partially digested food enters the esophagus and travels to the stomach, where digestion continues. Softer food is easier to swallow. Read more