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What is oral candidiasis?

Most people have in mouth fungus called Candida albicans. It is present as part of the normal oral flora and and as well as some other fungi, such as Candida tropicalis, glabrata, krusei and parapsilosis. Oral candidiasis is the opportunistic infection. This means, that it develops, if oral environment changes into one, that is even more perspective for thriving of such kind of fungi.
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Why is necessary to clean dentures?

In order to maintain a healthy mouth is necessary, to take care of dental prosthetic replacements, because they accumulate dental plaque even more than natural teeth. Every evening and after meals dentures are needed to be thoroughly cleaned. Teeth that anchor partial dentures can also develop dental caries and periodontal disease if they are not cleaned properly. Cleaning of dentures removes stains, dental plaque and prevents bad odor. Accumulated bacteria can lead to irritation and inflammation of mucosa under the denture. With good dental hygiene we can prolong life of the dental materials and teeth. Wearing of clean dentures also improves general well-being. Read more


Can elderly people maintain their own teeth?

Among people it is generally believed that with age we are losing vision, we get gray hair and we lose teeth. This belief is totally wrong, because with regular oral hygiene we can keep teeth healthy into old age. Today more and more people retain their teeth during old age. With the evolution of science, dentists can make better dental fillings and prevention today has even greater success. People are more conscious about their oral health and they understand the need of a good oral hygiene. There are smaller numbers of tooth decay and dental fillings than in the past. Read more


Is it good to remove all the teeth and get a denture?

Many people come to a dentist with a number of teeth, about which they often think, that they need to be removed, or they may not like the appearance of their teeth, because they are crowded. Those can be the reasons why they believe denture is the simplest way to solve all the problems related to their teeth. There are also people who are not visiting a dentist, because they are afraid of opinion or they feel fear or shame about their teeth. The fact is, that dentists are constantly facing bad teeth. Huge amount of patients that come in a dental office after a long time have various problems, from toothaches, abscesses, poor dental fillings, tooth decay, etc. All mentioned conditions can be treated and the complete denture should be a last resort. Read more


What are VALPLAST dentures?

VALPLAST is an excellent material, because it is non-invasive, comfortable, aesthetic, extremely flexible and yet resistant to breakage. It is cheaper than conventional metallic acrylic partial denture. It is interesting, that the material was developed by NASA. VALPLAST dentures do not have the metal parts, which is advantageous especially for those who have an allergy to metal. Read more


What problems can occur after insertion of a new denture?

  1. Impaired speech. You are not used to the new denture or is too thick.
  2. Sounds when biting. You are not used to the new denture or is too not well adapted to mucosa.
  3. Irritated oral mucosa. Denture is too loose and you may need  to re-line it.
  4. Oral ulcers. If denture is causing wounds on oral mucosa, it will be necessary to reshape it on some parts.
  5. Gag reflex. Denture may reach too far back.
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What to do, if denture breaks?

The best solution is to visit a dentist, who will give an opinion on damaged denture and will professionally repair it. Denture is checked in mouth after the repair by a dentist and, if necessary, adjusted. Sometimes denture needs to be sent to a dental technician, so you will be left without it for a day or two. Denture that is old and does not fit in a mouth anymore requires making new one. Read more


What kind of food can be eaten with dentures?

Most people who get new dentures must learn its proper use, so it takes some time to get used to it. After some time, you should be able to eat fairly normal. Through time you will be able to eat even harder and stickier food. The last mentioned tend to cause the most problems. Read more


Is it possible to remove the teeth and immediately insert a denture?

The answer is yes. Such dentures are called immediate dentures. They are inserted on the same day that natural teeth are removed.

What are the advantages?

Immediate dentures ensure, that you never show up in a public with missing teeth. It is also easier to imitate the shape, color and placement of artificial teeth according to your natural teeth. Immediate denture is inserted over the wound that was created after teeth were extracted, so it can act as a patch and stops bleeding. Immediate denture also allows instant chewing.  Read more