Your own personal holder Every CPS interdental brush fits into every CURAPROX holder, making it easy to find your personal favourite: angled or straight, with click- or twist-fit, made of plastic or aluminium – or even of stainless steel. The angled holders make it easier to clean the side teeth.Easy to control Ideal for all CPS interdental brushes Can be reused for all CPS interdental brushes Twist-fit or patented click systemwhich is your favourite?

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As every CPS interdental brush fits every holder, it’s easy to pick your own personal favourite: angled or straight, with click or twist-lock connection, plastic or aluminium. Angled holders are particularly easy to use on the side teeth.


UHS 410 “Mono” Our classic holder since 1975. For the patient who likes the touch of cool, solid metal for the careful cleaning of every interdental space. Made from anodised aluminium. Green in colour and 145mm long. The brush fitting is perfect. You will always reach the right space with this handle. Perfect screw down fitting. Naturally, all of our interdental brushes fit all of our handles. Your UHS410 holder will last a lifetime, we guarantee it!   SWISS_PREMIUM UHS 420 “Duo” This is the pinnacle of our interdental brush handles. It has a perfect brush holder at each end to cater for two different size CURAPROX brushes at the same time. Made from silver coloured, anodised aluminium. Guaranteed for life. This is the only handle you will ever need to buy.   SWISS_PREMIUM UHS 430 “Maxi-click” About 165mm long plastic handle with the practical “click” mechanism. Ideal for extra reach and for those who prefer plastic for their handle rather than metal.   SWISS_PREMIUM UHS 450 “Mini-click” The UHS 450 is of unique design: the patented “click” closure allows fast and easy changing of your CURAPROX brushes. Thanks to its ingenious shape, it allows the interdental brushes to easily reach the sides of the teeth. The two-component holder, with its natural elasticity, ensures that the correct pressure is applied. You will not be disappointed with this holder. Weight: 50g   General information about CURAPROX interdental brushes: SWISS_PREMIUM

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