Sensodyne PRO-NAMEL Toothpaste 75ml


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Product Description White: strengthens and hardens tooth enamel, protects teeth against acid-induced enamel reduction helps to maintain the natural teeth whitening, protects against caries helps to beahren a clean and fresh mouth feel, suitable for sensitive teeth Product Description daily toothpaste: increases the microhardness and increases the abrasion resistance of the tooth active hardens tooth enamel, making it more resistant and less sensitive protects against pain sensitivity is pH-neutral, provides daily care and protection for teeth and gums Ingredients: Glycerol Hydranted silica Pentasodium triphosphates flavor Sodium Lauryl Sulfate Titanium Dioxide Carbomer Sodium Saccharin Stannous Fluoride Cocamidoprophyl Betaine Limonene

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