CS 1006 SINGLE Toothbrush


Specially suited to the care of braces, isolated or poorly positioned teeth, implants and bridges. 9 mm-long. CUREN® filaments, 0.15 mm in diameter.

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Is that really a toothbrush? There’s no better way to brush teeth: tooth by tooth to get the gum line perfectly clean and it is easy on the gums. Jiri Sedelmayer developed the cleaning technique, the solo technique as it is called, and CURAPROX designed the single tuft brush that is just right for this type of cleaning: not only does it have our CUREN® filaments, but it also has a nicely rounded tuft head. Why is this important? The brush and tuft head have been designed so the filaments match the gum line anatomy perfectly. The CS single is also recommended for people with braces and implants – or just for the simple pleasure of brushing perfectly, simply amazing results.    

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