Oil is a potent antibacterial and anti-infective, particularly useful in applications in case of infections in the mouth, toothache, viral infections, fungal infections and parasites skin neuritis, herpes.
It is analgesic, cauterize, general stimulant.


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Clove essential oil – description and recommendations Clove tree, native to the islands of the Indonesian archipelago, providing clove, a spice used much precious time in the East. Cloves are actually aromatic flowers of the tree; buds are harvested before bloom and dry in the sun. Considered as one of the oldest and widespread spices, cloves have been appreciated since antiquity for both their flavor and because special curative properties. Today, the essential oil of cloves – which can be obtained from buds or leaves – particularly rich in eugenol, with multiple beneficial properties, is used in dental, cosmetics, essence in some perfumes and as a remedy against various infections: respiratory viral, skin, digestive and urinary tract. Method of production through steam distillation of leaves The geographical area of ​​origin: Madagascar Presentation: yellowish brown liquid Olfactory Description: flavor of cloves, strong flavor Ingredients (INCI): Eugenia caryophyllus leaf oil Clove oil properties : – Antibacterial spectrum – antifungal – Potent antiseptic – Analgesic, anesthetic – antiviral – Neurotonic and general stimulant – Antiparasitic anthelmintic – aphrodisiac What can help – Infections of the mouth, toothache, gum disease, halitosis – Respiratory and viral infections (herpes zoster) – Affected skin infections, acne – Bronchitis, sinusitis, influenza – Physical or intellectual fatigue, exhaustion – Viral neuritis, neuralgia – Skin: fungus, acne – Rheumatism, arthritis, rheumatoid arthritis How to use oil of cloves – Indicative applications on the skin dosage 0.1-2% – As an ingredient in the preparation of creams, lotions or skin infections in case of cataplasms – As an ingredient in creams and lotions for skin care acne – Making balms, creams and gels in case of ringworm, skin parasites – As an ingredient in toothpaste, mouthwashes, gargles – In formulating balms and creams antirheumatic, along with other specific active – As an ingredient in creams and gels, in the case of arthritis, muscle pain – In a little dilute (20% oil, clove oil, almond oil + 80%) applied topically on certain areas: teeth, gums, acne, infected – In vaporizers and candles, aroma released contribute to strengthening the nervous system, stimulates memory and concentration, eliminates the feeling of exhaustion, overwork – In the form of inhalation in case of flu, bronchitis, sinusitis – Compress the abdomen in case of digestive problems (colitis) or inflamed areas, painful – Massage along the spine into states of sexual fatigue, disinterest, physical and mental fatigue Storage: sealed, in cool, dry place away from light Safety Data: – As a general rule, before using a cosmetic preparation is recommended to perform a test on the elbow crease, at least 24 hours before application – Natural compounds which may be at risk of allergy: eugenol (under Amendment no. 7 of the European Directive on cosmetics / EC 15/2003) – Details on the safe use of essential oils – It is a powerful and dermocaustic oil; It is indicated to be used only in high dilution if applied regularly on large areas of skin – Avoid contact with eyes – Contraindicated in pregnancy and lactation contraindicated for children under 6 years – Keep out of reach of children – External use; internal use is recommended under the guidance of a physician or aromatherapist

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