What is dental erosion?

Dental erosion means chemical deterioration of a hard dental tissues, because of non-bacterial acids in the oral cavity. Dental erosion and tooth decay are the processes which lead into demineralisation of teeth. Acids produced by oral bacteria cause tooth decay, while acids from other sources (food, beverages, stomach acid,…) cause dental erosion.

How acidic is food or beverage?

Acidity is measured with pH scale. pH 7 means neutral pH. pH lower than 7 means food is more acidic, but if it is higher than 7, food is more basic. A lot of beverages have low pH. Our saliva has pH around 6.5, which is the healthiest environment for our teeth. When pH lowers under 5,5, our teeth’s enamel starts to dissolve. Not everything is black and white. We can still enjoy in acidic food and beverages, because there are also other factors that influence on start of dental erosion.

Why our teeth don’t show signs of dental erosion even though we are consuming acidic food and beverages?

Whether the dental erosion evolves it is dependant from a various factors. Even though we are consuming acidic food or beverages we can still have healthy teeth. It all depends from a factor how acidic is food or beverage and how long it is staying in our mouth and how often we consume them.

How to ease symptoms of dental erosion?

  1. Try to avoid the consumption of acidic food too often.
  2. Don’t sip acidic beverages through out the day. It is better to drink up the whole beverage in a couple of minutes or drink with a straw.
  3. Use fluoride toothpaste everyday while brushing your teeth.
  4. Visit your dentist regularly where you can also get fluoride varnish, which strengthen teeth.
  5. After acidic meal splash your mouth with water.
  6. After acidic meal you can also help to higher pH in your mouth with chewing gum.
  7. Don’t brush your teeth right after eating, because your tooth enamel is softer that usual, and you can remove inner layer of  minerals. Saliva remineralises this layer, but if you remove it, this effects in lost.
  8. Instructions about mechanism of dental erosion and it’s therapy it is important factor of preventive dentistry.
  9. Try to use special toothpaste and soft toothbrush twice a day. You can buy them here.

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