What are effects of alcohol on oral health?

Alcoholism can also cause problems in the aspect of oral health. It has been proven that people, who are dependent on alcohol, perform oral hygiene that is less frequently and more poorly.
Frequent contact of alcohol with oral mucosa causes increased risk for oral cancer. People who drink a lot of alcohol tend to have gums that bleed more severely. The cause is often in altered function of the liver, since liver normally produce substances that are necessary for the formation of a blood clot. Wounds heal more difficult and slower and are more susceptible to various infections. It is necessary to prescribe tranquilizers, antibiotics and analgesics with much more attention, as they can interfere with the alcohol, causing negative effects.
Alcoholism is usually not diagnosed by dentists, although symptoms can also occur in the oral cavity. With chronic alcoholics dental interventions in the oral cavity may complicate, especially after surgical procedures. Alcoholism represents a predisposition for development of gingivitis and periodontal disease (inflammation of the gums) .

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