What to do if the dental filling falls out?

Dental fillings do not always last forever so, it is possible that one of your fillings might fall out without any notice. Lost dental filling may cause inconvenience and worries, especially if it occurs during eating.  Even more awkward is, if the filling falls out from the front tooth. Remove the filling from the mouth so that you don’t swallow or inhale it. If you accidentally eat it, there is no particular cause for concern, unlike in the case of aspiration.

Try to call your dentist as soon as possible, to get a new dental filling. The old dental filling is not necessary to store, because it is useless.  While you are waiting for an appointment to get a new filling done, it is necessary to maintain good oral hygiene. It is necessary to remove all remnants of food and plaque from the tooth which lost dental filling. In the open tooth plaque is easily caught and tooth decay may quickly start.

Do I need to visit a dentist?

Open tooth is much more susceptible to infection with oral bacteria. It is good that a new dental filling is made as soon as possible. In case you do not go to the dentist and let the tooth for a long time without a filling, it may happen that the tooth will die. Options for this are higher, if the previous filling was deep.

What kind of discomfort may happen during lost dental filling?

Dental fillings, which were so deep that they included dentin, can often leave behind sensitive teeth, when the filling is lost. With lost filling dentinal tubules become exposed. These are small channels in the tooth, leading to tooth nerve within the core of the tooth. The dentinal tubules have nerve fibers that are stimulated with external stimuli. Since the dental filling felt down and they are not sealed anymore, they became exposed to many external factors (mechanical, temperature, etc.), which can trigger sharp pain. Painkillers may help, but this is not a long-term solution. Pain usually disapears, when external stimuli are removed, for exemple, when we stop eating cold food. The tooth must be sealed as soon as possible with a new filling, and then the hypersensitivity will disappear.

How to ease symptoms during waiting on dental appointment?

If your dentist can’t take you immediately after calling him, try with toothpaste for sensitive teeth or try to seal tooth with over the counter temporary cement like sealing. Try to avoid biting hard food on the tooth that lost filling, because it is not so strong anymore and it can broke down. Temporary sealing are temporary, and they are not meant for long term use. Even though you don’t sense any pain, it is not recommended, that you leave it and forget about the problem. The problem with temporary material is, that the seal is not as good as it should be, or as the proffessional filling material has. Sonner or later the bacteria will find it’s way between the temporary filling and tooth and the pan can easily start again and even worse the caries may begin. The end result can be, that the tooth slowly dies and root canal may be the needed treatment, which is even more costly that an ordinary dental filling.

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