What it means, when your dentist says, you will need to remove a tooth’s nerve?

If you are suffering from a toothache, which comes to the point of almost unbearable pain, you will probably need to remove a tooth’s nerve. Specially if the tooth woke you up at night. Your dentist will have to remove a tooth’s nerve or so called dental pulp which is positioned in the centre of the tooth. Professional term for this kind of procedure is endodontic treatment or root canal treatment. A root canal is a treatment used to save a tooth which nerve is infected. Inside of the tooth is cleaned and sealed. Without endodontic treatment, the tissue around the tooth will become infected and abscesses may form.

Why the tooth becomes painful and inflamed?

Tooth’s nerve can become inflamed because of tooth decay, deep dental filling, dental trauma etc. When the infection becomes so severe, that tooth’s nerve isn’t capable of regenerating, you will need root canal treatment.

How is the root canal treatment performed?

Root canal treatment of the tooth is performed under local anesthesia usually in one session if the nerve was vital but inflammed.  The tooth’s nerve is then unpainfully removed with endodontic instruments and the root canals are thoroughly desinfected, cleaned and reshaped. Dentist then fills root canals with bicompatible material and makes dental filling, which can be covered with dental crown. The prognosis of these kind of procedure is often very good. You will need to have regular check ups at your dentist’s office and do some x-rays of a treated tooth.

Will the tooth hurt after the treatment?

It is possible your tooth will hurt for a couple of days more because of dental procedure. If so, you can take some painkillers to ease a pain. After a few days the symptoms should vanish.

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