What are the signs and symptoms of cracked tooth?

Symptoms of a cracked tooth include sudden sharp pain when chewing or pressing on tooth. Crack can extend and reach various depths, even near dental pulp (tooth’s nerve). The pain is similar to  teeth’s hypersensitivity due to uncovered teeth’s necks. With age, the incidence of dental cracks is increasing. It is good to visit a dentist as soon as possible to avoid more serious complications.

Why teeth develop cracks?

Tooth can crack due to big forces during normal or excessive wear of the tooth (bruxism) or because of chewing hard objects and food (nuts, candies, pencils…), trauma, large dental fillings, frequent changing of dental fillings, large caries, complications during root canal treatment (removal of tooth’s nerve) and dental post.

How to prevent formation of a cracks?

The possibility of crack formation can be reduced by eliminating bad habits and with treating bruxism with occlusal splint.

What is the treatment of cracked teeth?

Since permanent tooth cannot regenerate, once crack develops, it is not possible for it to disappear. Often inflammation of tooth’s nerve develops. Tooth can also completely fracture. The treatment varies, depending on the location, depth and prevalence of crack. If a crack is located in the outer layer of a tooth, the tooth can be stabilized with dental filling or better with artificial dental crown. It is possible to apply orthodontic metal ring as a temporary solution. If crack reaches the tooth’s nerve, it is necessary to do a root canal treatment.

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