What it means, if gums are bleeding after brushing?

In general, bleeding gums during brushing are a sign of gum inflammation and not damage of the gums due to brushing. The gums must not bleed when touched. Inflamed bleeding gums are indicating that you have to put more emphasis on oral hygiene in these places, and not to reduced it.

Can power toothbrush actually damage your gums?

Nevertheless, cheap and poor quality toothbrushes can damage gums and cause bleeding, no matter if it is power or not. It is necessary to use good power toothbrush. The bristles must be smooth and rounded. Since power toothbrushes rotate or vibrate, they can cause soft tissue trauma, particularly if the bristles are too rough, and if you press too much. It is better to use brushes that are not rotating but vibrating. Rotating power toothbrushes can cause receding gums, especially if you have thin and sensitive gums.

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