What kind of toothbrush is actually good?

Brushing massages gums and removes dental plaque from the tooth surfaces. Gums and teeth are in that way maintained healthy. Technique and time of brushing are more important factors than a toothbrush itself, but still there are some recommendations of what it should be.

1. Soft bristles

When brushing with a medium-hard or hard brush, we have a feeling of a well brushed teeth, but this is actually a false feeling. Hard brush bristles are too thick to reach the spaces between the gum and tooth and so they don’t remove dental plaque well. Hard toothbrush can damage gums, especially if you brush with high pressure. Hard toothbrush does not damage enamel. For removal of 1 mm of enamel with a toothbrush we would need 2500 years. We push the gums from the tooth and tooth neck becomes exposed, which is not so resistant to oral environment as enamel, so harsh toothbrushing can remove tooth cement. This can cause hypersensitivity of tooth necks and sharp pain not only during drinking and eating, but also during toothbrushing. The result will be a poorly cleaned tooth, which can lead to gum inflammation and caries. Soft toothbrushes have thousands of bristles. How soft toothbrush is, is depending on various factors, for example the quality of the fibers, number of fiber bundles, the number of fibers, spacing between fiber bundles and the fiber length. There exists medium soft, soft and very soft toothbrush. In special cases, for example after oral or periodontal surgery, soreness of the gums due to severe acute inflammation of the gums, the presence of aphthous ulcers and in the case of other conditions that prevent proper cleaning of the teeth with toothbrushes for daily care, there exists especially soft and ultrasoft toothbrushes (it has up to soft bristles 12,000 and is the most soft toothbrush). Ultrasoft toothbrushes are intended for tothbrushing first few days until the inflammation of the gums is not calmed down. Proceed with a little less soft toothbrush, especially soft toothbrush, then go on to the brush, which is usually used for daily care. In the case of receded gums, exposed tooth necks and wedge-shaped defects on tooth necks can be used only dense soft toothbrush.

2. Fine thin rounded bristles

Fine thin rounded fibers don’t damage the gums. Thin bristles slip into the space between the tooth and gums even when applying only gentle pressure. They are creating the feeling of a soft brush. Thinner are the bristles, the more of them must be in a toothbrush head in order to fill up the holes in the head of the brush in which they are embedded. Depending on the size of toothbrush head, soft ones can have even from 1.000 to more than 5.000 bristles.

3. Resistant bristles

Fibres bristles should be made of a material that is not softened in the water.

4. Differently cut bristles

Bristles can be cut in the numerous forms at various lengths and therefore allowing easier cleaning of back teeth.

5. Bristles in several rows

Such toothbrushes are more soft and reach further into the interdental spaces.

6. Small head

It will be easier to reach back teeth with smaller head. The toothbrush should be suitably sized and not too wide. It should capture one or two teeth during brushing. Size of a toothbrush should be chosen according to the size of the mouth. Children should use toothbrushes made especially for them. Those who have problems with gag reflex should also rather choose a smaller brush head.

7. Tapered toothbrush head

The head of the toothbrush may be tapered toward the end, which will facilitate access to the back teeth and inner surfaces of the front teeth.

8. Flexible toothbrush neck

People who have front teeth inclined inwards or who can not open mouth wide enough, should choose a toothbrush with flexible neck, which will help to reach the less accessible tooth areas.

9. Ergonomic toothbrush handle

Toothbrush handle should not be to thin, because brushing will be harder. It is also good handle has a support for a thumb.

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